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Welcome to SRM Hostels

The quality of life is one of the most important factors considered by the students deciding to stay in the College/University hostels. By quality, it is not just the rooms but also the overall environment of the University campus.
We, at SRM University, provide a wide choice in selecting the type or rooms in a hostel to suit every budget, with an aim of providing a decent stay and the best possible learning environment.

Ours is one of the greenest Campuses' in the country with all the facilities that are expected from global Universities. The stay at our campus provides a wealth of experience by developing qualities such as camaraderie and social responsibility. Our students compromise a cosmopolitan mix from all parts of India as well as many countries across the globe. 

The students staying at SRM hostels are provided with healthy and sumptuous food options at highly subsidized rates. They can choose to have North Indian or South Indian menu in the dining halls that are co-located. For the benefit of our international students, the hostels also offer a multi-cuisine dining facility providing Thai, Chinese and continental food.

Life on campus helps the students not only to study but also to socialize with the peers. Friendships formed on the campus last a lifetime. SRM provides a comfortable and safe housing to all its students. The students housed in the campus are encouraged to use the gymnasium, playground, and all indoor gaming facilities.

Hostel Booking Schedule for Academic Year 2017-18

The Hostel admission process is transparent and fully on-line. Bookings are open in phases as shown, for easy management and reduce load on the server. The process of booking the Hostels will take place as per the following program –


 Year & Branch

Portal Opening Date & Time

Portal closing Date & Time


II year UG for A/C & Non A/C rooms (E & T)(Boys)


06.00 PM




II year Day-scholars (UG) (E & T) (Boys)


06.00 PM


09.00 AM


All classes (UG & PG A/C & Non A/C rooms (Girls)


06.00 PM


09.00 AM

4 All classes for Day-scholars (UG & PG A/C & Non A/C rooms ) (Girls) 13.04.2017 06.00 PM 14.04.2017 09.00 AM
5 III & IV Year (UG & PG  for A/C & Non A/C rooms) (E & T)(Boys) 17.04.2017 06.00 PM 20.04.2017 09.00 AM
6 All Other Courses & Day-scholars (Boys 19.04.2017 06.00 PM 21.04.2017 09.00 AM


  • The procedure will be repeated for left over vacancies and cancelled rooms after 25th April 2017. The schedule will be intimated later. 
  • There is no provision of off-line booking. Please DO NOT get swayed by anyone making false promises
  • The availability of any vacancy due to cancellations and left over accommodation subsequently will be displayed online and date of booking fixed well in advance to offer equal opportunity to all

Hostel Fee Structure for Academic Year 2017-18

Domestic Hostels

Non AC Hostels

 Room Details   Non Ac with Washroom    Non AC Without Washroom    Non AC Big Room  Non AC Big Room
 (6 Sharing) without washroom   (8 Sharing) without washroom 
Total amount  Boys   Girls   Boys   Girls   Boys Only   Boys Only  
56,500 56,500 44,500 44,500 34,500 29,500

AC Hostels

Room Details   AC Without Washroom    AC With Washroom
Total Amount D,E,F,& K Block Top Floor Girls Only    Sannasi Block  Nelson Mandela Block 
124,500  134,500 154,500


  •  All rooms are on 3 sharing basis, unless otherwise specified.
  • No refund is permitted during the middle of the course unless the candidate withdraws.
  • Domestic hostel rates given above include admission fees, room rent, amenities fees, electrical charges and games & entertainment fees only.
  • Messing charges are not included above and are fixed Rs.53,000/- per academic year for domestic hostels.
  • Laundry facility through hostels administration has been discontinued and the charges are not included in the above. Students will do the same under own arrangements through local market/vendors directly, if required.
  • Refund is not permitted if the student is expelled from the hostel.
  • Cancellation charges for hostels will be as per rules. (Rs 5000/- If cancellation is done before 01st June 2017). Refund will be made up to a period of 20 days.
  • SAP –Students one semester mess fees refund may be permitted if selected for any campus abroad. 

International Hostel Fees structure 2017-18

1. SRM Green Pearl International Hostel (Boys)

Particulars Air Conditioned Room Non - Air Conditioned Room
Single Twin Sharing  Single Twin Sharing
INR 4,35,000 2,92,500 3,10,000 2,17,750
 USD 6,700 4,500 4,750 3,350

2. Meenakshi & Kalapana Chawla International Hostel (Girls)

Particulars Air Conditioned Room Non - Air Conditioned Room
Single Twin Sharing  Triple Sharing Single Twin Sharing Triple Sharing
INR 4,35,000 2,92,500 2,17,750 3,10,000 2,17,750 1,46,250
 USD 6,700 4,500 3,350 4,750 3,350 2,250

3. SRM International Hostel –NRI Premium (Boys & Girls)

Particulars Air Conditioned Room Non Air Conditioned Room Old Block 
  Single Twin  Sharing Triple Sharing Single  Twin  Sharing Triple Sharing Single A/C Room Twin A/C Room
INR 4,35,000 3,35,000 2,53,500 3,10,000 2,50,000 1,69,000 3,10,000 2,50,000
USD 6700 5150 3,900 4750 3850 2,600 4750 3850



a) For Domestic Hostels:

For any queries related to failure payment, amount debited and room is not allotted, refund process, inability to login, etc, contact as under:-

(i) For Non functional website or payment  denial issues  for Hostel

    (ii) For any technical queries for online booking, 

      (iii) For any further queries regarding hostel online booking

        b) For International Hostels:    


        Online Hostel Booking 

             Online Hostel Booking Portal User Manual Hostel Rules & Regulations