New Year Message


Dear Students,

It is almost unbelievable that a whole year has passed so soon and the dawn of a New Year is about to begin! And once again it is a time for reflection on what we have done and what we have to do in the next year which I am sure will bring about tremendous challenges and with this opportunities as well.

But before the year draws to a close we must take note of two major events that have had a major impact on Chennai and the State of Tamil Nadu as a whole. First, the demise of a popular Chief Minister Ms.J. Jayalalithaa; and second, the ravages of cyclone Vardah that left behind a trail of devastation and destruction.

Last December Chennai and SRM University were witnesses to the ruins of a flash flood that took a human and material toll on the city and the neighborhoods; and this time too Chennai and SRM University were simply mute spectators to heavy rains and gusty winds that ripped across the city, the immediate neighborhoods and our campus. But the resilient spirit in all of us made the difference once again. We are getting back on our feet—confidently and sooner than expected.

Academically and professionally we have indeed done well, both in terms of student and faculty achievements. We are constantly raising the bar of expectations to maintain our premier status among educational institutions in India and globally. Every year we are doing better than the previous year in terms of publications and research initiatives and a lot of our efforts are being recognized in India and overseas. As SRM University is inching its way in global rankings we must indeed redouble our efforts in every possible way in the coming year.

We are spreading our wings internationally by teaming up with first rate institutions in the Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America that will benefit our students and faculty. And at the same time we are accelerating the process of attracting nationally and internationally known researchers who can pursue their passion here and at the same time be available to students for classroom teaching. We are also placing increased emphasis on students at the under-graduate levels to get involved in research.

Many of you are on your semester break; but some are back already for the second semester of this academic year. I just want to make sure that we all have a robust 2017 for there is a lot of work ahead of us irrespective of the disciplines we are in. And I have no doubt that SRM students and faculty will rise to the occasion as they have done in the past. For those of you on a holiday with family and friends have a good time and be safe; and for those who are back for the second semester, I am sure you enjoyed your holiday and now back to the rigors of academics. Let us have a productive academic session.

Wishing You All A Happy and Prosperous New Year! 

God Bless!

Professor. Prabir K  Bagchi,
Vice Chancellor,
SRM University.